Divine Luxury Soap A Family Soap

We began making soap with really wonderful people in mind.
People that have a need, whether it is children, sensitive skin, or the desire to truly enjoy washing up.
This bar is the result of long hours of medical style research for the best ingredients.
We selected only 'essential oils' and chose lavender, rose, cedar-wood, among others. (never.... perfumes/ fragrances)
One recipe-soap with a silky bubbly-lathery bathing experience (all varieties will feel & bubble like heaven)
We found the perfect mixture for you and kept that one for all our bars.

You can use our soap for your full body, face, hair , shaving  ( delicate children & fluffy puppies too).
Most skin problems will go away once you start using a chemical-free soap like this one.
There are 5% of "the special oils" still free (ie not soap), and this leaves a thin sheen on the skin or hair for nourishment.
A nourished skin is a healthy skin and it fights off problems automatically (many clients told us of immediate improvements).
For added protection we make soap with colloidal silver, known to fight off bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Thank you for choosing our soap and enjoy cleaner days.

Our goals are to bring a very high quality soap to as many users as possible.
We have reduced the cost for our customers as much as possible. We are priced for large volumes at low cost.
Soap mark-up is generally 10, we only do 5 (so our 13$ bars are in fact only 6$ bars......)
So we pack in real-value, and are not greedy after that.
We also provide private label for many customers.
We want people everywhere to feel the silky bubbly gentle cleansing bliss.

What ever your needs are, please contact us. 

We are helpful and would love to make your day a brighter day


Call us at (505) 410-6654 ask for  Veronique or  Van


We do free shipping for two items or more. "Right to your doorstep"